"My Hydra - Sophia De La Chouvel" is a unique collection of limited edition - numérotés - items such as fine jewellery, outstanding fashion and art pieces, inspired by Sophia de la Chouvel and exclusively created for the My Hydra Boutique. This limited collection celebrates unique craftsmanship and creativity. Every creation is a piece of happiness to carry home.


Well-known Greek Jewellery Designers, such as Kessaris, Katramopoulos, Lalaounis, Serkos, International Fashion Brands, such as Callista, Sea Through, Ioanna Marinopoulos, and Renowned Artists signed numérotés pieces, available only at the My Hydra Concept Store. Every item tells a story. From the Parthenon rosary of Kessaris and the handcrafted Callista bags to the vintage Re Concept Designs Scarves, each piece is different, yet unique and beautiful. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they are all designed exclusively for “My Hydra - Sophia De La Chouvel". My Hydra Boutique prides itself on these one of a kind creations, which are distinctive, unique and timeless.

A limited selection of the “My Hydra - Sophia De La Chouvel” exclusive collection is now available at the Yacht Club de Monaco.

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