LEFT: MATERIAL: ROSE GOLD 18K WITH SEMI-PRECIOUS STONES COLOR: TURQUOISE PRICE: 1100€ – RIGHT: MATERIAL: ROSE GOLD 18K WITH BRILLIANT AND SEMI-PRECIOUS STONES COLOR: CORAL PRICE: 1350€   Designed exclusively for “My Hydra – Sophia De La Chouvel” THE SWIMMER is a limited edition piece specially designed for my Hydra by jewellery designer Stella Vildiridis. The pendant, made of 18K rose gold, represents a swimmer in the island of Hydra, and is symbolic of Stella’s long-standing inspiration by the human body. Stella and her sister Venetia are the fourth generation of the Vildiridis family: one of Greece’s most elite family jewellery businesses, established in 1902, and with stores in Central Athens, Kifissia and Mykonos. Specialising in high-end jewellery and luxury watches, the company, now named VENETIA VILDIRIDIS, offer exquisite quality and unrivalled service based on their foundation of over a century of experience, respect for tradition and flawless reputation.

Stella V.