“ISABELLA” CLUTCH BAG MATERIAL: Soft clutch, featuring designs from the traditional Cypriot Fythkiotika* patterns family. Woven on the loom with metallic grey, silver, pale blue, blue and dark blue yarns. Silk based lining. Closes with invisible magnet. COLOR: MULTI PRICE: 990€ ABOUT RETROVI Retrovi has used Cyprus’ most beautiful traditional fabrics as a springboard to create exquisite clutch bags. For years, Retrovi (meaning ‘rediscover’ in the Esperanto language) had been exploring the best way to bring together Cyprus past and Cyprus present, until the idea of the handcrafted bags was born, turning Cyprus’ prominent heritage of embroidery into contemporary fashion. All Retrovi pieces are handmade, some of them embroidered with fine needlework and some of them entirely woven on the loom, using the exceptional art of the Lefkaritiko lace and Fythkiotiko weaving from the Cypriot tradition. Each bag is named after royal names of Cyprus history, such as the renowned queens Helena Palaiologina, Alix de Montferrat, Isabella. Through this innovative project, which marries Cyprus heritage with fashion, Retrovi aims to reveal the beauty and uniqueness of Cypriot tradition. *FYTHKIOTIKA WOVEN PATTERNS Weaving has flourished in Cyprus since ancient times due to the excellent quality of raw materials produced locally. Nonetheless, weaving’s golden age in Cyprus was during the Lusignan period (1192-1489). It was one of the main occupations of Cypriot women in many areas, but especially in the remote Paphos district, and specifically in Fyti village. For that reason, these weavings are known as Fythkiotika. In Fythkiotika works, the weaving takes place on the loom. The decorative patterns used in the weaving are of multi-coloured geometric design, with the rhombus as the prevalent shape. They are deemed aesthetically and artistically interesting and are very important examples of Cypriot tradition and folk art. This Retrovi clutch bag is one of a kind, designed exclusively for “My Hydra – Sophia De La Chouvel”. Part of the MC Collection, exclusively available at the Yacht Club de Monaco.