GEORGE PETRIDES INTERIORS – Essence Μéditerrané­­­­­enne PRICE: 55€   Description:
The album of the interior designer George Petrides with the title George Petrides Interiors Essence Μéditerrané­­­­­enne is just out by Kapon Editions (edited by Art Counselor Lia Ellina Tornaritis). «…I wanted so much to meet George when I happened to see some of his work in friends’ homes, different styles yet with a positive aura and with such elegant taste! I appreciated the respect he showed to the owners, the creativity of the space intervening only in making their dreams come true, advising not imposing. Whoever I asked about him they would tell me incredible stories of inexhaustible humor, of how easily he became loved because of it and that if he singled you out he could be your friend forever. We met at a friend’s party in Athens and I asked him if he would decorate my apartment in Cyprus, and thus was the beginning of a friendship that lasts for many years…perhaps because our relationship is based initially on the admiration that I have for his restless, creative and youthful spirit but mainly for his irreproachable character. I am delighted that this book is to be published because it not only makes me proud that he is a Cypriot but also that he comes from my home town Famagusta. A retrospective to his inexhaustible talent, becomes a reality, something that he greatly deserves».